1940s photo shoot with Rebecca Ruth Photography

The other week I did a 1940s inspired photo shoot with Rebecca Ruth Photographing and I’ve got back a handful of photos! I am so excited about these and wanted to share them right away! Rebecca Ruth Photographing was a pleasure to work with! She was a delight – fun and encouraging ( giving me all the compliments!). I highly recommend working with her; she has experience in portraits, weddings, and creative shoots.



I borrowed some amazing 1940s frocks and hats from Swish Vintage – Edmonton’s only high end, quality vintage boutique, located in Manulife Place down town. Swish is a vintage lovers dream come true – every time I walk in, I find something gorgeous and unique that I want to bring home and love!


The dress I am wearing is an authentic 1940s day dress, made of a blue-grey linen and trimed with a velvet collar. My hat is vintage ( not 40s) made of velvet with a small rhinestone jewel. Both pieces are from Swish Vintage. The shoes are from BAIT and the suitcases were thrifted by moi. I loved wearing this dress! It was so comfortable and because it is linen it wasn’t too hot ( we shot on a beautiful summer evening, so it was warm out). I am almost tempted to buy this piece for myself – a  simple piece like this is so easy to work into a modern wardrobe, as it is not kitchy or overly structured; if one did not know better, they would think it was a modern piece.

We shot in Old Strathcona at The End of Steel Park, where a train car is permanently stationed and the remnants of train tracks from yesteryear lay. It is a simple background, which is often used for engagement shoots, but fit perfectly with our 1940s theme.


I only got one photo of the dress below ( if i get more, Ill share them!). Again, it was an authentic 1940s dress in amazing condition. It is a simple black and white frock but with unique lapels, which makes it one of a kind ( duh, it’s vintage ).  It is actually a bigger size, like a modern day large or extra large, so I cinched it with a 1940s braided belt. The hat below is a beautiful black and white woven cap with lovely rhinestone detailing, that matched my dress perfectly. Both the dress and hat are again from Swish Vintage.


All styling, outfit, hair, makeup and concept done by moi, Danger De Lux.

A big thank you to Swish Vintage for lending me the beautiful pieces and to Rebecca Ruth Photographing for working with me. Head over to their facebook pages ( follow the links) to either hunt for some vintage treasures or book a photo session with a lovely and professional gal.

Swish Vintage Facebook

Rebecca Ruth Photographing Facebook

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