Danger DeLuxe Goals: running a half marthaon

One of my goals for the last few years has been to run a half marathon; in fact, I had intended on doing it before I turned 30. Im not sure what stopped me – I think I just figured it would be too hard and I was overwhelmed by how far it is…. A half marathon is 21 km ( a full is 42km). This summer I decided I would finally do it… better late than never, right?


I am six weeks away from my run, which is really not very long, so that means I know have to work even harder. Because running is my second favorite way to work out, I have also been making time for my first favorite – weight lifting. This means I have not been as dedicated to training as I should have been.

My plan for the next six weeks is as follows:

  • cut out dairy and processed sugar ( ie treats!) – I feel really heavy when  I run and I would love to lighter for the run
  • do one long run a each week – I am working my way up to 15km, then 18km, and then 21km!
  • do at least one speed interval each week – this means sprinting really fast on the treadmill for a short duration of time ( 30 or 45 seconds) then rest for a short duration ( 30 or 45 seconds).
  • do shorter runs the rest of the week – 5-10 kms – working in hills, stairs, trails, and pavement.
  • and if I have time, get in those strength workouts I love so much


My run is August 21st and I must admit I don’t feel ready, but I am going to stay positive. Negative thinking will get a gal nowhere. Definitely not 21kms! Ive just downloaded the Nike + running app to help tracker my runs and my pace – I highly recommend it if you are new to running or are wanting to track your runs.


Follow me on instagram at @thedeluxedollhouse and on facebook ( here) to follow me aong on my journey. And if you are interested in running with me, I may start of a dolls running club, so definitely follow me on social media to hear about it


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