Love, Lust, or Hate: Pacifica Beauty

As some of you may already, about 99% of the cosmetics and toiletries I use are chemical free and all of them are cruelty free. Ive done a lot testing and have tried out many different products, as not all are created equally. I have done the leg work for you dolls so you don’t have to! In this feature I will share with you what I love, what I am lusting to try. and what I just really do not like.

I have tried a handful of Pacifica Beauty products and have loved just about all of them. My most resent Pacifica purchase includes their Island Vanilla perfume and one of the Deeply Devoted Natural lipsticks in the colour ‘xox’.


I have two Pacifica perfumes already but they were gifts so I didn’t pick out the scent myself. I love sweet smells and knew the next one I got had to be the Island Vanilla. The thing with conventional perfume is…they are FULL of chemicals…just pure chemicals that you put directly onto your skin and a lot of the time breathe in. This doesn’t make sense to me so I decided, along with most other things, not to use traditional perfume anymore.

20160717_114749 (2)

I LOVE the Island Vanilla! The scent is just what I was looking for without all the nasty chemicals. What I love most is that the scent lasts all day! I don’t have to top it up unless I feel like a little refresher. At $27-$30 a bottle, this will most definitely be my new go to scent. Pacifica also makes their scents in rollerballs and in solids, so you can easily take it with you in your handbag or when traveling ( although the biggest bottle is only 29ml so its perfect for traveling too).

Pacifica perfume is vegan, cruelty free, free of parabens, is made with natural denatured alcohol, and essential oils. The Island Vanilla is made with vanilla, of course, but also juniper, grapefruit, and jasmine essential oils. Pacifica also works to reduce their environmental impact by creating 100% recyclable containers and using post-consumer components; they also recycle and work with companies who share the same ideals.


I also very much love the lipstick I got from Pacifica – this is the first lipstick I’ve used from this brand and was pleasantly surprised. The deeply devoted natural lipstick in ‘xox’ is smooth and soft; the colour is vibrant and feminine. I love pink lipsticks, but not like Barbie pink, more a softer pink, which is what ‘xox’ is. While I love me a red lip, red is not a naturally occurring colour ( true reds are chemically made), so I have yet to find a good natural red.


Pink is of course a staple in every pinup gals makeup bag, it just usually doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Some days call for something lighter and sweeter. And some days you just don’t want to wear red – its okay, you can admit it! This smooth pink natural lipstick is just what I have been looking for to replace my pinks from MAC ( they test on animals…did you know that?). With the right prep, this lipstick will stay on throughout the day with a touch ups after eating – its not perfect, but pretty darn close.



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