Love, Lust, or Hate: Weleda Deodorant

I have searched high and low for a chemical free deodorant that actually works! I have tried them all and almost gave up! That is until  read a review on Buzzfeed ( of all places). I figured I may as well try it out – what have a I got to loose ( besides about $14)?

In my next order from I added the Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant to my cart and patiently awaited its arrival. Weleda is a chemical and cruelty free company out of Switzerland, dated back to 1921! They use quality ingredients, free of harsh chemicals.


I love this deodorant! It actually works…it works for me at least. It is made with organic rose hip, linalool, and water….and guess what? No aluminum!!  Your average every day deodorant and/or antiperspirant has: parabens  ( a carcinogenic), aluminum compounds (which get adsorbed into the skin, then into the blood stream and are known carcinogenics), triclosan ( a classified pesticide), and more!! Umm all of this sounds pretty scary to me! Weleda has none of this!


Here’s the deal if you are going to try out a natural deodorant…you have to give it time to work! Your body needs to detox! This can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. I know that can seam like a big commitment, but in the long run, its worth it.


I have only tried the rose scent, so I can only vouch for this particular one. It works the best out of any I have tried ( Sage, Rocky Mountain, Jason, Green Beaver). I sometimes have to reapply more than once per day depending on what I have been up to. Also, at the beginning, I occasionally sweat a lot more than usual, but that did not last long.

I bought mine from but you can buy it from your local organic super market ( in Edmonton, Planet Organic) or from the Weleda website )


Have you tried any chemical free deodorants? Which ones?



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