Love, Lust, or Hate: Kate Spade Kitty Collection

I walked into the Kate Spade store the other day – Ive only been in there twice, as I rarely go to the mall it is in – and oh my gawd! The new Kitty Collection is way too cute! I am totally lusting over everything in the collection….kitties everywhere!! Thank goodness the majority of it is leather….because I don’t buy new leather ( say no to animal cruelty), which means I will just lust over everything and sometimes that’s good enough!

This kitty bag though…it is way too cute!  I love kitty things that just have ears and whiskers. Plus its just the right size for an every day handbag. They have totes and much larger bags for gym, travel, or baby!PXRU7047_001( buy me here)

There is so much kitty cuteness. A girl could spend all her savings on these adorable goodies! Watch out piggy bank!



The front table of the Kate Spade store was covered in these purrfect bags, along side some other uber fun totes and handbags ( like a boom box!). There are definitely a few goodies that are leather free that  I have my eye one, like the kitty cat jewelry! Meow!



Kate Spade makes just the cutest bags and accessories! The aesthetic is totally modern vintage and a modern pinups dream!  So many things…all so cute! Does want! I didn’t see any of their famous wicker bags on store ( or online) so perhaps they are not out yet or will be missed this season.

Do you have a Kate Spade bag you are currently lusting over? I know a few of these goodies will be making their way to my wish list!

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