A little bit Disney with The Deluxe Dollhouse and The Ambrosia Bowl

As a natural redhead my all time favorite Disney princess has been, and always will be, Ariel. When I was a little girl, oh, did I ever want to be Ariel! There were not many redheads for me to look up too (because I was a child and did not yet know about Lucille Ball, Jessica Rabbit,  or Ginger from Gilligan’s Island). Since then, I have always adored Ariel and have seen The Little Mermaid too many times to count! When The Ambrosia Bowl messaged me to see if I would like one of her handcrafted brooches, most which are Disney Princesses, I knew instantly I needed the of Ariel.


I had been waiting to wear and showcase my darling little brooch until I had the perfect outfit. I don’t wear much blue or red, so I needed a blank canvas for Ariel to pop on – black, of course! I splurged during Pinup Girl Clothing’s Labour Day Sale and picked up a few skirts, including the black jenny. I paired it with a black off the shoulder cotton top, a chunky red bracelet, black pumps, red lips, a big victory roll….and of course, my lovely new brooch!




The Ambrosia Bowl, run by a lovely gal, is from Sweden. Her brooches are vintage inspired and hand-painted on recycled wood. Mine had a number “6” on the back, which makes me believe she numbers them all – how cute!! She has other Disney Princesses too, like Jasmine, Belle, and Mulan. The shipping was quick as well, considering I live in Canada, and sometimes things can take ages to get here from the other side of the world. The quality is top notch and the color is so vibrant! I work at a vintage shop one day a week, and wore this outfit while working there, and got a handful of compliments, which is always lovely! I always tell the young girls who come in that ladies should get back in to wearing brooches; I know us vintage loving gals wear them all the time, but I think every girl should have a brooch or two in her jewelry box!



It was just the perfect day to get outside and snap a few photos too, so I could show you all how cute my Ariel brooch and my outfit was! It’s getting to be fall here in Edmonton, so any time it’s warm and the sun is out, you have to take advantage! We pulled over on the ride home from work to stop at a park by the river valley, that had a great back drop of downtown, cute benches, and all of the sunshine you could ask for!



Be sure to check out The Ambrosia Bowl on Etsy and Instagram to see her cute collection and newest additions! Plus follow The Deluxe Dollhouse on facebook and instagram to see all my cute photos!


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