D.I.Y Halloween Wreath with The Deluxe Dollhouse

I love getting crafty. but these days I don’t have much time for it. which is why I love making these wreaths! They are super cute, easy to customize, plus can be done speedily! I leave a wreath up all year long and have a few I change out. I wanted a brand new one for this Halloween though, so I whipped one up and figured I may as well do a tutorial at the same time!!


Here is what you will need:

  • pins
  • a glue gun and glue for it
  • scissors
  • a Styrofoam wreath
  • ribbon, at least two different ones
  • flowers, leaves, sparkly things; I used spiders and wee pumpkins


Step One:

Wrap your base ribbon, usually a thick one, around the wreath! Use the pins to hold it at the start and periodically as your wrap, to secure the ribbon in place. Wrap the ribbon at an angle and try your best to make it even and symmetrical. Use more pins at the end to secure the ribbon in place – where you pin will be on the backside of the wreath.

Step Two:

Add a second layer of ribbon, if you so choose! I used a thin sparkly black ribbon


Step Three:

Embellish the shit outta your wreath! This is where I will begin to put on all the other pretty and sparkly things! I picked one side I wanted to embellish; usually where there is a break in the ribbon from where you pinned it at the end, this is where I will load on all the goodies, to camouflage any imperfections. I started with the twigs of leaves and berry things and went from there. Here I use the glue gun, but also pins to secure things like leaves. Micheals has tons of sparkly goodies, which is where I picked up all my supplies.

After I put on one of the twigs, I glued on one of the pumpkins. and broke up the other twigs, so I could strategically place the leaves where they fit best. It need something more, so I stuck another pumpkin on!

Step Four

Top it off! To make it even more Halloween themed, I glued a handful of black glitter spiders on the pumpkins and around the leaves.


Step Five

Hang it up for all your neighbors to be jealous of! For real, Ive had a some of my wreaths stolen before! And it always feels good to have the best decorated door in the building ( or neighborhood)


(sorry for the bad photo!! The lighting in my hall is atrocious! )

Happy Halloween!


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