At the Pumpkin Patch

This Halloween I made sure to look up all the fun things happening and take some time off work (which I don’t usually do), so I could make the best of the season! After two nights of Halloween parties, on Sunday I wanted to take it a bit easier, so I decided to hit up the pumpkin patch!


45 minutes out of town is The Prairie Garden Farm, in Bon Accord, where you can partake in a bunch of family friendly activities, and pick out your own pumpkin! There were so many pumpkins, of all sizes, green ones, orange ones, ugly ones, cute ones, ones for carving, and ones for baking.

It was super cute but so very muddy!! Thank goodness I wore boots or I would have lost my shoes! Besides all the mud, it was very pretty and was the perfect setting for photos! I love fall colors and there were pumpkins everywhere you looked!


There were so many pumpkins and it took me a little while to find the perfect ones…they were just $5 each and well worth it! Plus you are supporting a local farm and community. I’m going to carve them later and post it on my instagram (@thedeluxedollhouse) although I’m not that great at it, I still try!!


I wore a simple black outfit – black swing skirt and sweater- with an old favorite jacket and a thrifted felt Holt Renfrew hat, black boots, and gloves. It was a little chilly  as winter is basically here now.


The farm has Halloween festivities during October of course, and they continue throughout the year with each season. They have a haunted pumpkin festival, a corn maze, a petting zoo, and of course u-pick! Their website has all the info you need, so go check it out



I hope you are all having a great Halloween and are having some tricks and treats



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