Love, Lust, or Hate: Elf Cosmetics Eyeliner

Its been a awhile since Ive shared some of the things I love, am lusting for, or really just don’t dig. I have tried out a few new products lately and am ready to share them with you! I am a big fan of Elf Cosmetics – they are cruelty free (yay!), use little packaging, all which can be recycled, and are, well, cheap! Elf Cosmetics has go to be the most inexpensive cruelty free makeup brand out there. This isnt the fist time Ive talked about Elf, and I am sure it will not be the last. I usually buy my Elf at London Drugs ( a drug store here in Canada), but you can buy it all online, usually for even cheaper.

Todays love, lust, or hare brings us: Elf Cosmetics new Intense Ink Eyeliner, in black of course!


I am lucky to be able to use any format of eyeliner interchangeably and still get that same sleek cat eye. The Intense Ink Eyeliner is a felt tip pen, so its a bit thicker than my usual go to, but I really enjoyed the chunky look it gave my ‘wings’. It is easy to use and stays on all day, which every pin up gal knows is an absolute must ( its not water proof, but it will get  you through a 12 + hour day).



For $3 a pop, there is no harm in giving this bad boy a try. When my local shop was out of the Elf eyeliner I usually use, I decided to give the felt tip a try and was very happy I did. I highly recommend this this chunky lil guy…I have gotten quite a few compliments in the past few days while wearing this specific eyeliner so I think I will keep on using it!



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