Be My Valentine

I love Valentines Day, I don’t care what anyone else says. I love all the pink and red, all the hearts and sparkly things, all the adorable stuffed animals and of course, chocolate! I love getting sweets for my friends and handing out cute Valentines. I love making heart shaped cookies and wearing all the pretty pink things!

I’ve never gotten any big surprises on Valentines Day; never been proposed to or walked into a room filled with roses. Never been whisked away or off my feet. But I love it anyways…like I said, I like all the pretty and cute lovey things! I’ve seen so many pretties lately and have been getting into the v-day mood.

I wanted to share with you some of my current Valentines inspirations and goodies that make me swoon.


(get it here)

( all Kate Spade, find them here)

( Bath time treats from Lush, find them here)

(Adorable handmade dolls by Poudre Rose, find them here)

 ( Gorgeous handmade lollipops from A Secret Forest, find them here)


(Galaxy Chocolate by local chocolatier Jacek, find them here)

(Irregular Choice Peach Melba heels, find them here)

I love seeing all the girly pink and red pretties this time of year! I know a lot of people who don’t like Valentines Day, but I have always loved it! The holiday can be about any kind of love you want – love of your partner, love for your best friend, love for yourself, love of cute teddy bears and delicious chocolate.

Know, who will be my Valentine?


Love, Lust, or Hate: Elf Cosmetics Eyeliner

Its been a awhile since Ive shared some of the things I love, am lusting for, or really just don’t dig. I have tried out a few new products lately and am ready to share them with you! I am a big fan of Elf Cosmetics – they are cruelty free (yay!), use little packaging, all which can be recycled, and are, well, cheap! Elf Cosmetics has go to be the most inexpensive cruelty free makeup brand out there. This isnt the fist time Ive talked about Elf, and I am sure it will not be the last. I usually buy my Elf at London Drugs ( a drug store here in Canada), but you can buy it all online, usually for even cheaper.

Todays love, lust, or hare brings us: Elf Cosmetics new Intense Ink Eyeliner, in black of course!


I am lucky to be able to use any format of eyeliner interchangeably and still get that same sleek cat eye. The Intense Ink Eyeliner is a felt tip pen, so its a bit thicker than my usual go to, but I really enjoyed the chunky look it gave my ‘wings’. It is easy to use and stays on all day, which every pin up gal knows is an absolute must ( its not water proof, but it will get  you through a 12 + hour day).



For $3 a pop, there is no harm in giving this bad boy a try. When my local shop was out of the Elf eyeliner I usually use, I decided to give the felt tip a try and was very happy I did. I highly recommend this this chunky lil guy…I have gotten quite a few compliments in the past few days while wearing this specific eyeliner so I think I will keep on using it!


The Deluxe Dollhouse 2017

Sorry for the lull lately. I have been so busy over the holidays working THREE retail jobs. If you do or have ever worked in retail during the holidays you know their is no rest for the wicked…or the tired, overworked, beaten down sales associate…okay it’s not that bad, but I was kept very busy – working 8 to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week ( I think I did 24 days straight before my first day off, which was Christmas Eve). Needless to say, I did not have too much free time to blog or  organize any fun photo shoots. I actually love all of my jobs, which is nice to finally say, as it has been a long road to finding happiness – or happiness for the moment anyway.


Dress and hat from Swish Vintage. Styling by The Deluxe Dollhouse. Photo by Rebecca Ruth Photography

So to get to what this post is all about…my new year, new me! Sorry, I couldn’t resist the cliche. Anyway, I have a vision for 2017 and the road it will hopefully go down….

I want to take as many courses and classes as I can ( or can afford)

I want to meet more health and fitness goals

I want to make more time for myself and do the things I love doing the most

And most important to The Deluxe Dollhouse, I want to do more photo shoots, plan out way more posts, and really give you the best of me that I can. The Dollhouse in an important creative outlet and I need to nurture it so it can grow into the special place I hope for it to be.

Follow me on Instagram @thedeluxedollhouse to get a more personal look at my day to day outfits, inspiration, and thrift store finds. Plus, I now have snapchat!! Follow dangerdelux on snapchat to see a behind the scene looks at the dollhouse, plus ya know, silly photos! And of couse, like The Deluxe Dollhouse on facebook! Im going to plan some giveaways and contests for the year, and you won’t want to miss out.


The History of the Tinsel Tree

I was inspired to read up on Tinsel Trees just this week, when working at Swish Vintage I got to set one up for a customer to come have a look at. I thought …I know a touch about these gorgeous glittery trees,but Id love to know more! So I did some research…

Tinsel or Aluminum trees were popular in the United States from 1958 until the mid 1960s. They were made in array of jaw dropping colours, that vintage lovers drool over – pink, teal, silver, gold. They were first manufactured around 1955 up until sometime in the 70s, even though they had lost popularity a few years before then. They lost their popularity in the mid 1960s and some say  A Charlie Brown Christmas is to thank! It aired in 1965 and used the tinsel tree as a symbol of the commercialization of Christmas, which left a sour taste in viewers mouths and many-a-tinsel tree could be found curb side after Christmas that year.

In the height of their popularity, aluminum tress could be found in the Sears Catolog with the following description:

“Whether you decorate with blue or red balls . . . or use the tree without ornaments – this exquisite tree is sure to be the talk of your neighborhood. High luster aluminum gives a dazzling brilliance. Shimmering silvery branches are swirled and tapered to a handsome realistic fullness. It’s really durable . . needles are glued and mechanically locked on. Fireproof . . you can use it year after year.” – Sears, 1963 Christmas Book


They had a futuristic look to them, which would of course be popular in those times, when the space-age was all the rage. The customer I sold the one at Swish to said her husband told her it looked like an “explosion” and he loved it for that!

While they are hard to come by here in Alberta, in the United States they seem easier to find. During the holiday season, some places hosts Aluminum Tree Museums and exhibits. Sadly, a lot of these trees were thrown out once they went out of fashion. Over a million were produced at their peak though, which means there are definitely a heck load out there waiting to be revived



The gorgeous green and silver tinsel tree that was available at Swish was the first one I had ever seen up close, let alone assembled! I figured it would be something like the Christmas tree I set up as a child, but it was not! The stand/trunk was a green wooden pole with holes strategically placed all the way up for the branches to hook in to. Look at it in all its glory… I am so jealous of the couple who go tot take it home and make it their own.


These glittering, delightful tinsel tress have come almost full circle; from the epitome of popularity, to becoming faux pas and distasteful,  and now being sought out and sold for a very pretty penny of two ( or if you are one of the lucky ones, you find it in your grandparents attic or at the local thrift shop). This is one gal who would just love to have a pretty pink or silver tinsel tree to set up each year and sprinkle with vintage baubles!

Happy Holidays


The Deluxe Dollhouse

The Dollhouse goes Goth

This past Halloween…( about a month and a half ago!)w…I got together with my best gal pal and local photographer Rebecca Ruth Photography to do a spooky  photo shoot. I usually stick with what I know best – pinup, 50s and 60s – but I wanted to do something festive for the season! I also wanted to style the shoot and it being my friends first photo shoot, I wanted it to be fun and get in the mood for Halloween.

We both wore Pinup Girl Clothing and got into the spirit by bringing out our inner goth girls! I was actually quite excited about how good I looked as a lil goth girl and think I may have to bust out the look every now and again 😉

I wore the black lilth swing skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing, paired with a black top from Voodoo Vixen, B.A.I.T heels, and a luscious black wig. My girlfriend wore the divine ghoul glamour dress in spiderwebs from Pinup Girl Clothing and Bordello heels. We looked spooky AF!

I love this shot…we look like 80s goth girls who worship the Cure!


Because the sun sets so early these days and we arranged an evening shoot, we had to find somewhere that had light available. We headed down to The University of Alberta and used some of its historic knocks and crannies to create these spooky looks.


Isn’t my friend super dreamy?! This was her first photo shoot – don’t you think she killed it (no pun intended)?


I am so happy with these photos! It was hard as we did not have any external lighting, so not a whole heck turned out, but Rebecca was able to turn them into something quite special

If you are looking to a shoot, maybe engagement photos, holiday portraits, or a wedding photographer, check out the rest of Rebecca Ruths work. She has affordable rates and is a delight to work with! Plus likes trying new things, so throw your idea at her and see what she has to say!

A Very Merry YEG

The Holiday Season is upon us! Tinsel, twinkling lights, cakes and cookies, jingle bells, snowflakes, and warm glowing fires! I am so excited for the upcoming season, full of baking, cozy layers, dinner with friends, and all the holiday events the city has to offer!

Ive compiled a list of all the funnest things to do this season in Edmonton. So grab a date or your best gal pals, put on a pretty frock, and hot the town!


Nov 24-27 – Festival of Tress  at the Shaw Conference Centre. Find all the details here

Nov 29- Dec 23 – A Christmas Carol at The Citadel Theatre. This will be the 15th year the show has been running and as always, promises to be a crowd pleaser again this year. Find all the details here

Dec 5 – Krampusnacht Edmonton at the parking lot east of the Keg off Whyte Ave. German and Austrian heritage have found their home here in Edmonton. Krampus is the hairy demon who scares children and shakes rusty chains. Find him this holiday season! Find all the details here

Dec 1-4 – Disney on Ice at The Northlands Coliseum. Find all the details here

Dec 8-11  – The Nutcracker at The Northern Alberta Jubilee. Get your tickets right away as it is selling out fast. Find all the details here

Dec 15-A Very Homo-cidal Christmas with Gremlins at the Metro Cinema. Enjoy an evening of Edmontons best drag and everyones favorite holiday flick! Find all the details here

Dec 17th -Capital City Burlesque Holiday Show – Santas Gone Wild part 2 at The Citadel Theatre. Find the details here

Dec 17th – Violette Coquette Underground Speakeasy at the Local Omnivore. Enjoy an evening of burlesque, jazz, spoken word, and meriment! Tickets are $45 and include nibbles and an evening full of entertainment. Find all the details here

Dec 16 & 17 Kringle vs Krampus at The Starlight Room. Featuring Edmontons finest in local talent! Plus it is a benefit event for Santas Anonymous, so you have no excuse not to go! Find all the details here

Events at Fort Edmonton Park – Find all the details here

Dec 14-31 – Robin Hood at the Capital Theatre

Christmas Lunch & Dinners

Dec 16-23 Christmas Reflections

Dec 17 Breakfast with Father Christmas

Dec 22 – Shop The Loft at Fabloomosity. Pick up some last minute locally made gifts and goodies! Find all the details here

-Happy Holidays from The Deluxe Dollhouse-


Cruelty Free and Chemical Free Makeup

I have been using chemical and cruelty free makeup for quite some time now and I have been seeing a lot of things on social media about using cruelty free makeup. The other thing I have noticed is people seem to think it is hard to find good quality cruelty free makeup, but they are wrong. All it takes is a little research and a little reading to know which products are cruelty free. Even if you don’t want to research it, all you have to do is look onthe back of any product for the leaping bunny. Because i am familiar with most brands and have tried a lot of them I figured I should just share my knowledge with you. I am also big on chemical free ( lead? no thank you!) and I have tried a good portion of them.

It is so important that we use cruelty free products. Supply and demand – if we stop buying the products tested on animals, then they will start to disappear ( hopefully). There is so many amazing companies and products that do not test on animals, so why would you choose to support someone who purposely hurts and tortures animals?


Ive created two lists – one with just cruelty free companies and one with both cruelty and chemical free companies. Ive also indicated which ones I have tried and love.

Cruelty free

  • Elf – love their liquid eyeliner and they are very affordable
  • Lush Cosmetics
  • Kat Von D – I use her locked it powder
  • Too Faced
  • Nyx – their lipsticks are amazing and I just bought an eye shadow palette that i love~
  • Besame – again, love their lipstick, especially the reds
  • Josie Maron
  • Anastasia – love her brow pomade
  • Pur Minerals
  • Coloured Rain – great liquid lipsticks
  • Cake – for their dry shampoo
  • Hard Candy
  • Burts Bees – I love their tinted lip balms
  • Arbonne
  • DuWop
  • I AM SIN – Masumi Max’s makeup line!!
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – Ive used their lip tars which are nice
  • Sugar Pill Cosmetics

If ever you are not sure, just look for one of the labels below on the box or container. If an item is cruelty free it will be indicated on the packaging. Companies are proud to be cruelty free so always let you know!


Chemical Free

  • Pure Anada – my favorite!! I love their mascara, best Ive used
  • Boho Cosmetics
  • Tarte – not 100% chemical free, but pretty close!
  • Pacifica – I use their perfume
  • Dr Hauschka
  • The Rocky Mountain Soap Company – they make great lip gloss and lip tint
  • Earth Lab
  • Andalou Cosmetics

These lists are just cosmetics, there are so many more which include hair and body products – shampoo, hairspray, toothpaste, body wash. Anything you can think of, you can find cruelty free. If you are ever not sure all you have to do is search the brand in google – easy peasy. There is no excuse for ignorance when it is way too easy to find the answer.


It is also fairly easy to shop chemical free as well, you may just have to look a little harder. I usually shop online at or at my local oragn supermarket; you are not going to find chemical free at the drug store. Here is a link for the main ingredients to avoid in cosmetics, and I can guarantee you that you are currently using most of these right now! Click here


You can look on Peta’s website to find a complete list if cruelty free makeup, you can also search on Sephora’s website for natural brands. Be wary of green washing though – a lot of companies say they are natural or organic when they are not ( for example, physicians formula). The beauty world is not regulated well in regards to listing ingredients, so buyer be ware!

Good luck beauty babes! Go out and do your research and read those labels!

At the Pumpkin Patch

This Halloween I made sure to look up all the fun things happening and take some time off work (which I don’t usually do), so I could make the best of the season! After two nights of Halloween parties, on Sunday I wanted to take it a bit easier, so I decided to hit up the pumpkin patch!


45 minutes out of town is The Prairie Garden Farm, in Bon Accord, where you can partake in a bunch of family friendly activities, and pick out your own pumpkin! There were so many pumpkins, of all sizes, green ones, orange ones, ugly ones, cute ones, ones for carving, and ones for baking.

It was super cute but so very muddy!! Thank goodness I wore boots or I would have lost my shoes! Besides all the mud, it was very pretty and was the perfect setting for photos! I love fall colors and there were pumpkins everywhere you looked!


There were so many pumpkins and it took me a little while to find the perfect ones…they were just $5 each and well worth it! Plus you are supporting a local farm and community. I’m going to carve them later and post it on my instagram (@thedeluxedollhouse) although I’m not that great at it, I still try!!


I wore a simple black outfit – black swing skirt and sweater- with an old favorite jacket and a thrifted felt Holt Renfrew hat, black boots, and gloves. It was a little chilly  as winter is basically here now.


The farm has Halloween festivities during October of course, and they continue throughout the year with each season. They have a haunted pumpkin festival, a corn maze, a petting zoo, and of course u-pick! Their website has all the info you need, so go check it out



I hope you are all having a great Halloween and are having some tricks and treats


D.I.Y Halloween Wreath with The Deluxe Dollhouse

I love getting crafty. but these days I don’t have much time for it. which is why I love making these wreaths! They are super cute, easy to customize, plus can be done speedily! I leave a wreath up all year long and have a few I change out. I wanted a brand new one for this Halloween though, so I whipped one up and figured I may as well do a tutorial at the same time!!


Here is what you will need:

  • pins
  • a glue gun and glue for it
  • scissors
  • a Styrofoam wreath
  • ribbon, at least two different ones
  • flowers, leaves, sparkly things; I used spiders and wee pumpkins


Step One:

Wrap your base ribbon, usually a thick one, around the wreath! Use the pins to hold it at the start and periodically as your wrap, to secure the ribbon in place. Wrap the ribbon at an angle and try your best to make it even and symmetrical. Use more pins at the end to secure the ribbon in place – where you pin will be on the backside of the wreath.

Step Two:

Add a second layer of ribbon, if you so choose! I used a thin sparkly black ribbon


Step Three:

Embellish the shit outta your wreath! This is where I will begin to put on all the other pretty and sparkly things! I picked one side I wanted to embellish; usually where there is a break in the ribbon from where you pinned it at the end, this is where I will load on all the goodies, to camouflage any imperfections. I started with the twigs of leaves and berry things and went from there. Here I use the glue gun, but also pins to secure things like leaves. Micheals has tons of sparkly goodies, which is where I picked up all my supplies.

After I put on one of the twigs, I glued on one of the pumpkins. and broke up the other twigs, so I could strategically place the leaves where they fit best. It need something more, so I stuck another pumpkin on!

Step Four

Top it off! To make it even more Halloween themed, I glued a handful of black glitter spiders on the pumpkins and around the leaves.


Step Five

Hang it up for all your neighbors to be jealous of! For real, Ive had a some of my wreaths stolen before! And it always feels good to have the best decorated door in the building ( or neighborhood)


(sorry for the bad photo!! The lighting in my hall is atrocious! )

Happy Halloween!