The Deluxe Dollhouse 2017

Sorry for the lull lately. I have been so busy over the holidays working THREE retail jobs. If you do or have ever worked in retail during the holidays you know their is no rest for the wicked…or the tired, overworked, beaten down sales associate…okay it’s not that bad, but I was kept very busy – working 8 to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week ( I think I did 24 days straight before my first day off, which was Christmas Eve). Needless to say, I did not have too much free time to blog or  organize any fun photo shoots. I actually love all of my jobs, which is nice to finally say, as it has been a long road to finding happiness – or happiness for the moment anyway.


Dress and hat from Swish Vintage. Styling by The Deluxe Dollhouse. Photo by Rebecca Ruth Photography

So to get to what this post is all about…my new year, new me! Sorry, I couldn’t resist the cliche. Anyway, I have a vision for 2017 and the road it will hopefully go down….

I want to take as many courses and classes as I can ( or can afford)

I want to meet more health and fitness goals

I want to make more time for myself and do the things I love doing the most

And most important to The Deluxe Dollhouse, I want to do more photo shoots, plan out way more posts, and really give you the best of me that I can. The Dollhouse in an important creative outlet and I need to nurture it so it can grow into the special place I hope for it to be.

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At the Pumpkin Patch

This Halloween I made sure to look up all the fun things happening and take some time off work (which I don’t usually do), so I could make the best of the season! After two nights of Halloween parties, on Sunday I wanted to take it a bit easier, so I decided to hit up the pumpkin patch!


45 minutes out of town is The Prairie Garden Farm, in Bon Accord, where you can partake in a bunch of family friendly activities, and pick out your own pumpkin! There were so many pumpkins, of all sizes, green ones, orange ones, ugly ones, cute ones, ones for carving, and ones for baking.

It was super cute but so very muddy!! Thank goodness I wore boots or I would have lost my shoes! Besides all the mud, it was very pretty and was the perfect setting for photos! I love fall colors and there were pumpkins everywhere you looked!


There were so many pumpkins and it took me a little while to find the perfect ones…they were just $5 each and well worth it! Plus you are supporting a local farm and community. I’m going to carve them later and post it on my instagram (@thedeluxedollhouse) although I’m not that great at it, I still try!!


I wore a simple black outfit – black swing skirt and sweater- with an old favorite jacket and a thrifted felt Holt Renfrew hat, black boots, and gloves. It was a little chilly  as winter is basically here now.


The farm has Halloween festivities during October of course, and they continue throughout the year with each season. They have a haunted pumpkin festival, a corn maze, a petting zoo, and of course u-pick! Their website has all the info you need, so go check it out



I hope you are all having a great Halloween and are having some tricks and treats


Love, Lust, or Hate: Kate Spade Kitty Collection

I walked into the Kate Spade store the other day – Ive only been in there twice, as I rarely go to the mall it is in – and oh my gawd! The new Kitty Collection is way too cute! I am totally lusting over everything in the collection….kitties everywhere!! Thank goodness the majority of it is leather….because I don’t buy new leather ( say no to animal cruelty), which means I will just lust over everything and sometimes that’s good enough!

This kitty bag though…it is way too cute!  I love kitty things that just have ears and whiskers. Plus its just the right size for an every day handbag. They have totes and much larger bags for gym, travel, or baby!PXRU7047_001( buy me here)

There is so much kitty cuteness. A girl could spend all her savings on these adorable goodies! Watch out piggy bank!



The front table of the Kate Spade store was covered in these purrfect bags, along side some other uber fun totes and handbags ( like a boom box!). There are definitely a few goodies that are leather free that  I have my eye one, like the kitty cat jewelry! Meow!



Kate Spade makes just the cutest bags and accessories! The aesthetic is totally modern vintage and a modern pinups dream!  So many things…all so cute! Does want! I didn’t see any of their famous wicker bags on store ( or online) so perhaps they are not out yet or will be missed this season.

Do you have a Kate Spade bag you are currently lusting over? I know a few of these goodies will be making their way to my wish list!

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Dark Knits Boutique: Divinity Anthology

The other week I got to model for Dark Knits Boutique at The Raw Artists showcase – an event for local artists to showcase their work. I was asked last year to walk in the show as well and when I was asked back, I was thrilled.

This year the theme was “Divinity Anthology”. My outfit was based around Osiris – the Egyptian god, usually identified as the god of death, afterlife, and/or the underworld. My outfit was gorgeous and oh so golden!

Mainline Photography was there as we were getting ready to snap some photos of our looks before we hit the runway. She was lovely to work with and got some gorgeous photos I am so excited to share!


The lighting seemed to work out perfectly, and the colours of the whole outfit were really just beautiful. This is one of my favorite photos – it looks so mythical and majestic!


Dark Knits made every inch of this outfit – wings and headdress included. This gal is amazing at creating out of this world designs and outfits. The entire collection was divine!


Dark Knits Boutique makes made to measure and order corsets for any need you may have – cosplay, wedding, every day… Go check them out on facebook to see of their work.

My beautiful make up was done by Vampire Nomad Palette .This oh so lovely lady is a pleasure to work with and comes highly recommended. My hair was executed by A.RaeBeauty.


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Love, Lust, or Hate: Pacifica Beauty

As some of you may already, about 99% of the cosmetics and toiletries I use are chemical free and all of them are cruelty free. Ive done a lot testing and have tried out many different products, as not all are created equally. I have done the leg work for you dolls so you don’t have to! In this feature I will share with you what I love, what I am lusting to try. and what I just really do not like.

I have tried a handful of Pacifica Beauty products and have loved just about all of them. My most resent Pacifica purchase includes their Island Vanilla perfume and one of the Deeply Devoted Natural lipsticks in the colour ‘xox’.


I have two Pacifica perfumes already but they were gifts so I didn’t pick out the scent myself. I love sweet smells and knew the next one I got had to be the Island Vanilla. The thing with conventional perfume is…they are FULL of chemicals…just pure chemicals that you put directly onto your skin and a lot of the time breathe in. This doesn’t make sense to me so I decided, along with most other things, not to use traditional perfume anymore.

20160717_114749 (2)

I LOVE the Island Vanilla! The scent is just what I was looking for without all the nasty chemicals. What I love most is that the scent lasts all day! I don’t have to top it up unless I feel like a little refresher. At $27-$30 a bottle, this will most definitely be my new go to scent. Pacifica also makes their scents in rollerballs and in solids, so you can easily take it with you in your handbag or when traveling ( although the biggest bottle is only 29ml so its perfect for traveling too).

Pacifica perfume is vegan, cruelty free, free of parabens, is made with natural denatured alcohol, and essential oils. The Island Vanilla is made with vanilla, of course, but also juniper, grapefruit, and jasmine essential oils. Pacifica also works to reduce their environmental impact by creating 100% recyclable containers and using post-consumer components; they also recycle and work with companies who share the same ideals.


I also very much love the lipstick I got from Pacifica – this is the first lipstick I’ve used from this brand and was pleasantly surprised. The deeply devoted natural lipstick in ‘xox’ is smooth and soft; the colour is vibrant and feminine. I love pink lipsticks, but not like Barbie pink, more a softer pink, which is what ‘xox’ is. While I love me a red lip, red is not a naturally occurring colour ( true reds are chemically made), so I have yet to find a good natural red.


Pink is of course a staple in every pinup gals makeup bag, it just usually doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Some days call for something lighter and sweeter. And some days you just don’t want to wear red – its okay, you can admit it! This smooth pink natural lipstick is just what I have been looking for to replace my pinks from MAC ( they test on animals…did you know that?). With the right prep, this lipstick will stay on throughout the day with a touch ups after eating – its not perfect, but pretty darn close.



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Danger DeLuxe Goals: running a half marthaon

One of my goals for the last few years has been to run a half marathon; in fact, I had intended on doing it before I turned 30. Im not sure what stopped me – I think I just figured it would be too hard and I was overwhelmed by how far it is…. A half marathon is 21 km ( a full is 42km). This summer I decided I would finally do it… better late than never, right?


I am six weeks away from my run, which is really not very long, so that means I know have to work even harder. Because running is my second favorite way to work out, I have also been making time for my first favorite – weight lifting. This means I have not been as dedicated to training as I should have been.

My plan for the next six weeks is as follows:

  • cut out dairy and processed sugar ( ie treats!) – I feel really heavy when  I run and I would love to lighter for the run
  • do one long run a each week – I am working my way up to 15km, then 18km, and then 21km!
  • do at least one speed interval each week – this means sprinting really fast on the treadmill for a short duration of time ( 30 or 45 seconds) then rest for a short duration ( 30 or 45 seconds).
  • do shorter runs the rest of the week – 5-10 kms – working in hills, stairs, trails, and pavement.
  • and if I have time, get in those strength workouts I love so much


My run is August 21st and I must admit I don’t feel ready, but I am going to stay positive. Negative thinking will get a gal nowhere. Definitely not 21kms! Ive just downloaded the Nike + running app to help tracker my runs and my pace – I highly recommend it if you are new to running or are wanting to track your runs.


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1940s photo shoot with Rebecca Ruth Photography

The other week I did a 1940s inspired photo shoot with Rebecca Ruth Photographing and I’ve got back a handful of photos! I am so excited about these and wanted to share them right away! Rebecca Ruth Photographing was a pleasure to work with! She was a delight – fun and encouraging ( giving me all the compliments!). I highly recommend working with her; she has experience in portraits, weddings, and creative shoots.



I borrowed some amazing 1940s frocks and hats from Swish Vintage – Edmonton’s only high end, quality vintage boutique, located in Manulife Place down town. Swish is a vintage lovers dream come true – every time I walk in, I find something gorgeous and unique that I want to bring home and love!


The dress I am wearing is an authentic 1940s day dress, made of a blue-grey linen and trimed with a velvet collar. My hat is vintage ( not 40s) made of velvet with a small rhinestone jewel. Both pieces are from Swish Vintage. The shoes are from BAIT and the suitcases were thrifted by moi. I loved wearing this dress! It was so comfortable and because it is linen it wasn’t too hot ( we shot on a beautiful summer evening, so it was warm out). I am almost tempted to buy this piece for myself – a  simple piece like this is so easy to work into a modern wardrobe, as it is not kitchy or overly structured; if one did not know better, they would think it was a modern piece.

We shot in Old Strathcona at The End of Steel Park, where a train car is permanently stationed and the remnants of train tracks from yesteryear lay. It is a simple background, which is often used for engagement shoots, but fit perfectly with our 1940s theme.


I only got one photo of the dress below ( if i get more, Ill share them!). Again, it was an authentic 1940s dress in amazing condition. It is a simple black and white frock but with unique lapels, which makes it one of a kind ( duh, it’s vintage ).  It is actually a bigger size, like a modern day large or extra large, so I cinched it with a 1940s braided belt. The hat below is a beautiful black and white woven cap with lovely rhinestone detailing, that matched my dress perfectly. Both the dress and hat are again from Swish Vintage.


All styling, outfit, hair, makeup and concept done by moi, Danger De Lux.

A big thank you to Swish Vintage for lending me the beautiful pieces and to Rebecca Ruth Photographing for working with me. Head over to their facebook pages ( follow the links) to either hunt for some vintage treasures or book a photo session with a lovely and professional gal.

Swish Vintage Facebook

Rebecca Ruth Photographing Facebook

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Inspiration: 1940s wartime

I set up my very first shoot with Rebecca- Ruth Photography and was asked to come up with some inspiration – what look was I wanting? what theme would the shoot be? I had a few in mind, but we ultimately decided on a 1940s look.

The early 1940s were a time of restriction – fabric was rationed, which meant fashion changed! Hem lines got a bit shorter, extra fabric for decoration was ousted. Fabric choices were limited ( nylon and wool were restricted to military use, so rayon and denim became popular), colours were also limited – there was a lot of browns, greys and patriotic american colours used, like red, white, and blue. Shoulder pads and skirt suits became popular to give women that masculine edge in the workplace – somewhere new for them, as the men were off to war and someone had to take over their jobs! Gone were decorative buttons, extra lapels and pockets. Even nylons were hard to get and girls would instead draw back seams on their legs to create the illusion of stockings.


The 1940s were a time of hardship and struggle but also a unqiue time in fashion. Designers had to be creative with all the restrictions and civilians had to be wise with their purchases. Everything was rationed, including clothing coupons! Clothing was made to last and if it got a hole or lost a button, it was mended; unlike today’s fast fashion, where girls would rather throw out an item with a hole and buys something new. Accessories still payed a big part in ladies fashion in the 40s – hats and purses were a vital part of ones outfit.




The 1940s were very glamorous, in a different way than the 50s. I wanted to do a shoot to celebrate and recreate this look, as sometimes it gets overlooked. I hope I do it justice and we are able to create some lovely photos.

There are a handful of current brands that make gorgeous reproduction 1940s pieces, like Trashy Diva ( the main supplier), HellBunny, and Pinup Girl Clothing. Some are more authentic then others, and some are less expensive as well. But if you can not find something vintage, these brands will do the trick and do it nicely! And if you are in Edmonton, stop by Swish Vintage to scout something authentic, including hats! Most of the pieces I wore in my shoot are from Swish Vintage, including some amazing hats!



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